Safeguarding Duty of Care

Corporate Hostile Environment Readiness Training (C-HERT)

Our Corporate Hostile Environment Readiness Training (C-HERT) is designed for commercial entities operating or planning to work in high-risk environments. In today’s dynamic business landscape, ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees is paramount. Our comprehensive training focuses on personal security, aligning with your organization’s duty of care to provide a secure working environment.

About the Training
Our training is tailored to equip your team with essential skills and knowledge to navigate high-threat business settings effectively. With years of experience in security risk management, our experts have designed a program that addresses the unique challenges and risks faced by commercial entities in such environments.

Key Highlights

Risk Awareness:
Understand the specific risks associated with high-threat business settings and how they can impact your operations and personnel.

Personal Security Techniques:
Learn practical strategies to enhance personal security, including situational awareness, conflict resolution, and emergency response.

Communication Skills:
Develop effective communication skills to manage potential security incidents and maintain a safe working environment.

Cultural Awareness:
Gain insights into the cultural dynamics of different regions to navigate unfamiliar territories with respect and awareness.

Contingency protocols:
Ensuring that your team is well-prepared to handle unexpected situations.

Why Choose Our Training

Tailored Approach:
We understand that each organization’s needs are unique. Our training is customizable to address the specific challenges and concerns relevant to your industry and operating environment.

Expert Instructors:
Our instructors bring a wealth of experience in security risk management, crisis response, and personal security techniques.

Real-World Scenarios:
Our training incorporates real-world scenarios and case studies, enabling participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

Duty of Care:
By investing in this training, your organization demonstrates a strong commitment to the duty of care owed to its employees, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Duty of Care, Informed Consent, Awareness (Contextual, Cultural, Situational), Reporting and procedures, Standard Operating Procedures and other protocols, Armed Conflict & Mitigation (Dealing with Armed State and Non-State Actors, protection and concealment), First Aid (Treat first, what kills first), Travel & Personal Planning, Digital Security and Communication, Terrorism and Asymmetric Warfare, Civil Unrest, Mine Risk Education, Driving in Hostile Environments (Checkpoints, Ambush, Road Travel Planning, Movement Procedures), Stress Management, Residence Safety (Burglary, Robbery, Fire), Coping with Capture (Kidnap, Detention).

Who Should Attend
This training is ideal for employees who are directly involved in or interact with high-threat business settings. Whether you’re expanding into new markets or reinforcing security measures, our training provides the skills necessary to navigate these environments effectively.

At PMO we are dedicated to empowering your team with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in high-risk environments while upholding personal security and organizational duty of care.

Course Information:

Cost: by Quotation 

Duration: 4  days

Location: Chosen by you.

Language: English, 

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