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Training of trainers

  • Background

What if there is a need for security training for all staff while the trainers have no direct access? Of course, you can fly all staff to a training location. In reality, however, this doesn’t happen, and the staff remains untrained in a volatile environment. The solution is a trainer that has access.

In 2017 we introduced a Train the Trainer concept that allows your staff to be trained even in locations not accessible for expats, in their own language and environment. The model is based upon best practice in training delivery by using the “4 Ps”: Preparation, Presentation, Performance, Practice.

Please note that the course is only the start of a process. To make the concept for your organization a success the trainer must get the opportunity to further develop his skills via regular practice and guidance. Tools to achieve that is part of the course.

For whom?
Staff that has safety and security in their portfolio, who wants to learn and trains others in safety and security awareness.

Course Duration:
3 days

On location

Trainer 1: English, French, German, Dutch
Trainer 2: Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Pashto

This training was conducted in:

  • 2019 Afghanistan
  • 2018 Lebanon
  • 2018 Afghanistan
  • 2017 Lebanon


More info?
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